Butik Food & Beverage Presentations Ltd., founded in 2003, has been specially concerned with producing and marketing of glassware items, buffet systems. After figuring out the market’s great demand for the distinctive presentation items besides the usual products, we have been started out-sourcing porcelain products since 2011 under the brand byButik.

Our mission is to fullfill our customers’ need of customized service products -which is deficient in our sector-, presentation plates, cups, bowls, buffet service items and stainless steel holder groups, by producing at any quantities they demand.

We are embodying a design team to create new products with the help of latest designing and production technologies. By means of our design team, we are capable of answering all requests and desires of our clients.

We are assuring all of the globally well accepted standarts in our HORECA sector, by producing our goods with the raw materials and supplies which are fully convenient to health regulations.